Duramed Designs Custom Foamed Products

The Benefits of a Sealed Vinyl Product

Duramed designed home medical equipment is different from commercially available products. Only the highest quality materials are used for the finished product. Attention is given to the properties of the materials in the construction. All products are built on a high-grade wooden plywood base. The core of Duramed products are made from recycled, high resiliency Rebond foam. This material is used because of the long life and maximum durability properties.

Custom products can be made with medium or low-density properties. Low density or memory foam is sometimes added above these layers for further pressure reduction. The upper layer foam is made from a closed cell natural rubber compound foam that bonds with the applied vinyl coating. Closed cell foam will not absorb moisture if the vinyl is punctured or cut. Once molded and applied with vinyl, the product is completely sealed to moisture. This process extends the usable lifetime of this product by many times over traditional open cell heat sealed vinyl products.

Duramed custom products are hand built and use stainless steel or rust resistant hardware in construction. You can expect many years of durability from these quality built products. Duramed raised toilet seats have been tested and passed the product evaluation tests performed at G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Center in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Duramed Designs is a proud recipient of the 2009 Gavin Perryman Award in recognition of the significant contribution to the Occupational Therapy Profession.

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